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Fri Sep 19

Today we took our second vocab quiz, and then went to the lab to work on the population pyramid analysis. Please have this finished by Monday - printed or emailed to me by 4:00pm!

Map Quiz 3: MON

Thurs Sept 18

Today we had the first half of class to finish our population pyramid posters from yesterday. Then we moved to the lab to start work on our population pyramid analysis sheet. We will be back in the lab tomorrow to keep working on this!

Vocab Quiz 2: FRI

Wed Sep 17

Today we worked in groups on calculating data and creating a population pyramid. We will finish the posters tomorrow!

Vocab Quiz 2: FRI
Map Quiz 3: MON

Tues Sept 16

Today we wrapped up our DTM graphing & discussion on Sweden & Mexico, and then we took notes from our PPT on population pyramids. We wrapped up by working with partners to analyze 6 population pyramids of the U.S.

Vocab Quiz 2: FRI
Map Quiz 3: MON

Mon Sep 15

Today we presented our DTM stage posters, and then we worked on identifying the stage of ten different scenarios. Finally we worked on visualizing the DTM for Sweden and Mexico using CBR and CDR data. We will finish the graphs/discussion questions tomorrow at the beginning of class!

Fri Sep 12

Today we took our vocab quiz and then finished up our group posters on the DTM.

PRB data sheet question #26 due: MON

Thurs Sep 11

Today we took notes on the DTM and then worked in groups on creating a poster for one stage of the DTM - we will finish and present these tomorrow!

Vocab Quiz 1: FRI
PRB Data sheet questions 1-25: FRI