Rest of Semester: Powerpoints

Hello AP HuGgers!

Please continue to study and focus on unit 2 in preparation for the historical  migration project and the unit 2 test/FRQ. However, when you get to unit 3, below are the powerpoints you will be going over in class. They are for you to use at home to study, take notes, etc... in addition to going through them in class. Good luck!

Unit 3 Intro
Unit 3 Language
Unit 3 Religion
Unit 3 Pop/Folk
Unit 3 Gender

Fri Oct 10

Today we took the last vocab quiz of unit 4, and then went to the lab to work on the historical migration project. Enjoy your long weekend!

Thurs Oct 9

Today we did some "family mapping" to start talking about migration to the U.S. We finished the unit 2 powerpoint! Then we watched and discussed a video clip on illegal immigration to the U.S.

Vocab Quiz 4: FRI

Wed Oct 8

Today we did a quick poll using our phones on migration, and then we watched a TED talk on a woman's escape from North Korea. We went through a few slides on our unit 2 powerpoint on migration, and then we read an article on who is coming to America and worked in pairs to start some discussion questions about the article. Please finish up the questions tonight, and don't forget to bring the "family mapping" slip of paper back with you!

Vocab Quiz 4: FRI

Tues Oct 7

Today we finished up our discussion on the Irish migration, and then we went over the instructions for our historical migration group project. After choosing groups and assigning topics, we went to the lab to do research.

Mon Oct 6

Today we took our Europe map quiz, and then we read about the Irish Potato Famine and historical migration, in groups. We will finish this up tomorrow!

Fri Oct 3

Today we took our vocab quiz, and then we had some presentations for our mid-unit mini-project. We went through a few slides from our powerpoint on migration.

Map Quiz Europe: MON