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Wed Aug 20

Today we reviewed regions by working in groups mapping our perceptual regions. Then we took a few notes from the unit 1 PPT.

Vocab Quiz 1: FRI
Map Quiz 1: MON

Tues Aug 19

Today we discussed diffusion and applied it to studying Wal-mart. We started with reading, highlighting, and answering some discussion questions about diffusion. Then we created choropleth maps illustrating the diffusion of Wal-Mart.

If you were out, pick up these handouts in class!

Mon Aug 18

Today we simulated disease diffusion and then we took notes from unit 1 on major geographic concepts such as distribution and diffusion.

Unit 1 PPT

Vocab Quiz 1: FRI

Fri Aug 15

Today we are in the computer lab and working on creating a data sheet of our assigned country using some of the terminology and geographic concepts we have learned this week.

Here are the instructions.

If you finish early, use extra time to work on your country notebook assignment since we have access to the internet. If you have already finished the notebook, you can some time to work on other assignments!

Thurs Aug 14

Today we reviewed our 5 themes of geography, and then took a few more notes from our unit 1 ppt. We had the rest of class to finish our balloon globes!

Wed Aug 13

Today we received information on the fall semester map quizzes and we also got our unit 1 packets. Then we started with a powerpoint on the 5 themes of geography and had the last minutes of class to continue our balloon globes with our partners.

If you lose your unit 1 packet, here are some of the handouts:
Unit 1 Vocabulary
Unit 1 Reading Guide
Unit 1 Notes outline

***IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BOOK YET - HERE IS CHAPTER 1 (so you can start reading!)

Tues Aug 12

Today we went over a powerpoint on "what is Human Geography" that detailed each unit we will cover in class. Then we guessed "human or physical" for a series of pictures. Lastly, we worked in partners on the balloon globes task, which we will continue tomorrow!